Retail Store / Service Insurance

What Is Retail Store / Service Insurance?

Retail Store / Service Insurance Varies Depending on Several Variables. Please See The Chart Blow For Further Details.

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Typical Retail Coverage Summary
Property CoveragesBasic Package LimitsEnhanced Package Limits
Business Income18 months actual loss sustained18 months actual loss sustained
Business Income 72-Hour BuybackUsually enhanced onlyIncluded
Seasonal Automatic Increase – BPPAdditional 25% includedAdditional 25% included
Accounts Receivable$5,000*$25,000*
Bailee Coverage – PrintersN/A$25,000*
Bailee Coverage – Dry Cleaners$100,000*$200,000*
Bailee Coverage – Repair Shop$25,000*$50,000*
Computer Equipment$10,000*$25,000*
Arson Conviction Reward$5,000$5,000
Fire Department Service Charge$1,000$1,000
Fire Extinguisher Recharge$2,500$5,000
Increased Cost of Construction$5,000$5,000
Mechanical & Equipment BreakdownUsually enhanced onlyIncluded
Newly Acquired Buildings$250,000$250,000
Newly Acquired – BPP$100,000$100,000
Outdoor Signs$2,500*$7,500*
Personal Property Off Premises$5,000*$5,000*
Pollutant Clean-Up & Removal$10,000*$10,000*
Premises Boundary100 feet1,000 feet
Spoilage Coverage (Food Stores)$2,500$25,000
Trees, Shrubs and Plants$500 / $2,500$500/ $2,500
Valuable Papers and Records$5,000*$25,000*
Crime CoveragesBasic Package LimitsEnhanced Package Limits
Employee Dishonesty$5,000*$10,000*
Forgery and Alteration$2,500$2,500
Money and Securities – Inside/Outside$5,000*$10,000*
Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency$1,000$1,000

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