Institutional Insurance

What Is Institutional Insurance?

Institutional Insurance Varies Depending on Several Variables. Please See The Chart Blow For Further Details.

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Listed below are the typical non-liability coverages and package limits available.

Non-Liability Only Coverages
Building (Building and/or BPP must be covered)Limit as RequestedLimit as Requested
Business Personal Property (BPP and/or Building must be covered)$2,500Limit as Requested
Accounts Receivable – On Premises/Off Premises$25,000/$2,500$5,000,000
Back up of Sewer or Drains$25,000$5,000,000
Business Income & Extra Expense (BI&EE)Actual Loss Sustained (ALS)Actual Loss Sustained (ALS)
BI-Dependent Properties*30 daysN/A
Business Income & Extra Expense (BI&EE)- Civil Authority*3 WeeksN/A
Business Income & Extra Expense (BI&EE) – Newly Acquired Property*$250,000N/A
Business Income & Extra Expense (BI&EE) – Time Period*12 MonthsN/A
Building Ordinance or Law – AIncluded with BuildingLimit as Requested
Building Ordinance or Law – B & C Combined*$50,000Limit is Requested
Building Ordinance or Law – Business Income & Extra Expense*Actual Loss Sustained (ALS)Actual Loss Sustained (ALS)
Claims Expense$5,000N/A
Crime Conviction Reward$10,000N/A
Debris Removal25% of Loss + $10,000N/A
Deferred Payments$5,000N/A
Electronic Data Processing & Media (EDP) – Blanket$10,000/$2,500$5,000,000
Employee Dishonesty$10,000$1,000,000
Extended Business Income*60 days (Not Covered)N/A
Exterior Building GlassIncluded with BuildingN/A
Fine Arts – Blanket$10,000/$2,500$1,000,000
Fire Department Service Charge$10,000N/A
Fire Extinguisher Systems Recharge$1,000N/A
Forgery or Alteration$10,000$5,000,000
Installation Property Blanket$2,500$25,000
Leasehold Interest$10,000$5,000,000
Lock Replacement Coverage$1,000$5,000,000
Money and Securities-Inside & Outside the Premise$10,000/$2,500$50,000/$25,000
Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency$1,000N/A
Newly Acquired or Constructed Buildings$500,000N/A
Off-Premises Power or Water Failure – Direct$10,000$5,000,000
Off-Premises Power or Water Failure – Time Element*Actual Loss Sustained (ALS)Actual Loss Sustained (ALS)
Outdoor Property – Antennas and Satellite Dishes$1,000$5,000,000
Outdoor Property – Trees, Plants, Shrubs and Lawns$10,000/$1,000N/A
Outdoor Property – Fences and Walls$2,500$5,000,000
Outdoor Signs$5,000$5,000,000
Patterns, Dies, and Molds$5,000$5,000,000
Peak Season BPP Increase (Seasonal Increase) Amount50%N/A
Personal Effects$2,500N/A
Personal Effects – Clergy (Religious Classification Only)$5,000N/A
Personal Property – Newly Acquired /Constructed Premises$250,000N/A
Personal Property Off Premises$25,000$5,000,000
Pollutant Clean Up and Removal$10,000N/A
Preservation of Property30 daysN/A
Tools and Equipments – Blanket$5,000/$1,000$5,000,000
Transportation – Excl Spoilage$2,500$5,000,000
Unauthorized Business Card Use$5,000/$1,000N/A
Valuable Papers – On Premises/Off Premises$25,000/$2,500$5,000,000
*If Business Income & Extra Expense Coverage is covered  

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