Commercial Real Estate Insurance

What Is Commercial Real Estate Insurance?

Commercial Real Estate Insurance​​Coverage Varies Depending on Several Variables. Please See The Chart Blow For Further Details. 

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Typical Real Estate Coverage Summary
Property CoveragesBasic Package LimitsEnhanced Package Limits
Buildings (coverage available upon request)$10M Maximum per building$10M Maximum per building
Business Income – Removal of 72 hour waiting periodEnhanced onlyIncluded
Business Income Dependent PropertyEnhanced onlyOptional
Business Personal Property (BPP)$40M Max. PML per policy$40M Max. PML per policy
Business Personal Property at Newly Acquired Premises$100,000$250,000
Accounts Receivable$5,000*$25,000*
Back Up of Sewers or Drains$1000 per Occurrence for Each Described Building$1000 per Occurrence for Each Described Building*
Building GlassIncludedIncluded
Business Income18 Months, Actual Loss Sustained18 Months, Actual Loss Sustained
Claims Expense$1,000


Computer Coverage (Hardware)$10,000*$25,000*
Computer Coverage (Media & Records)$1,250*$6,250*
Crime Conviction Reward$5,000$10,000
Debris RemovalUp to 25% of a covered loss plus up to $10,000 additional*Up to 25% of a covered loss plus up to $25,000 additional, in addition to the $10,000 included*
Equipment BreakdownUsually enhanced onlyIncluded in Limit of Insurance Selected for each Building
Extended Replacement CostUsually enhanced onlyUp to 125% of Limit of Insurance for the Described Building
Fire Department Service Charge$1,000$5,000
Fire Extinguisher Recharge$2,500$5,000
Limited Collapse or Water DamageIncludedIncluded
Lock Replacement$100 per lock/$5,000 per Occurrence*$100 per lock/$10,000 per Occurrence*
Newly Acquired or Constructed PropertyUp to $1,000,000 per Described BuildingUp to $1,000,000 per Described Building
Outdoor Property$500 any one tree, Plant or Shrub/$2,500*$500 any one tree, Plant or Shrub/$2,500*
Outdoor Signs$10,000 per Described Building*$25,000 per Described Building*
Perishable GoodsUsually enhanced onlyIncluded
Personal Property Off Premises$5,000$5,000
Pollutant Clean-Up & Removal$10,000*$25,000*
Premises Boundary Definitions100 feet1,000 feet
Tenants Move Back CoverageUsually enhanced only$10,000 per loss Occurrence per Described Building
Valuable Papers and Records$5,000*$25,000*
Crime CoveragesBasic Package LimitsEnhanced Package Limits
Employee Dishonesty$10,000*$25,000*
Money Orders and Counterfeit Papers$1,000 per Occurrence$1,000 per Occurrence
Forgery and Alteration$2,500 Maximum$2,500 Maximum
Money and Securities$10,000 Inside or Outside*$25,000 Inside or Outside*

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